The largest Lottery

The largest lottery by far in Europe is EuroMillions. EuroMillions is a Europe wide lottery jointly launched in February 2004 by France, Spain and the United Kingdom. France’s lottery operator is Francaise des Jeux, which translates as the French Games. The company is owned and operated by the French Government. Spains lottery is operated by LoterĂ­as y Apuestas des Estadores. UK lottery is operated by Camelot. It is a not-for-profit European lottery syndicate service that grant cash prizes to the people from the country. Each participating member puts in a weekly subscription. EuroMillions is operated by Camelot, the Loter Sao operation.

There are a lot of big lottery winners, and several of them are very open with their stories. Did you know that the EuroMillions lottery, with a guaranteed Jackpot of three hundred Million Euros, is the largest jackpot lottery ever? Imagine yourself as a ticket owner with a guaranteed Jackpot of 3 hundred Millions. You must have had massive thoughts running through your mind! Maybe somebody did win it and it was worth it to hear the story.

But those thoughts are a dime compared to the size of the Jackpot. Was it worth the time and effort to check the winning numbers? It is! Someone made a business out of finding the lottery syndicates. EuroMillions was the leading lottery syndicate at the time they started. They had about 35 members at the time. It was August 2004 and the jackpot was about 214 Million Euros. No jackpot of that size in Mega Millions, or Powerball had ever been won by a syndicate.

A quarter of a century later and those thoughts of winning the lottery syndicate lottery were soon changed. On May 15, 2009, two mathematicians discovered that if you cross out every possible combination on a single ticket, you can win more often than you think. You need to cross out every number twice, but if you do it 4×4, 5×5 you will win 64% of the time.

The idea of playing the lottery syndicate came after they were invited to be part of a new lottery syndicate called e-Lottery. Five million e-Lottery points were being given out every two weeks. It was soon obvious that four times as many e Lottery points as the usual UK National Lottery e-Lottery and about 160 x e-Lottery points would be needed to win the same size jackpot as the UK National Lottery.

Some Lottery Syndicate owners were quite happy with the idea of throwing away ten percent of their lottery playing share in order to form part of a syndicate. However, others did not like the idea as they would be sharing the single largest jackpot of the year among their members. The Immaculate Lottery was part of e-Lottery as were the euros Syndicates which were launched on the 7th of January 2010.

On 22nd February 2010 French television news program “Nagapoker Info” revealed the plans by the French lottery syndicate to introduce the e-Lottery to all its tickets in the national solace soon. correctness in accounting was the key factor in the proposal to introduce the e-Lottery to French lottery playing syndicates.

Once the e-Lottery had been introduced it took less than three weeks for the media and the public to take a liking to it and for the syndicates to start running it. Because of the way the system works you actually have twice the chance of winning the lottery in the e-Lottery as you would in a normal lottery draw.

Holding the lottery syndicate ticket is becoming more and more popular as the national lottery in the UK now has more types of syndicates taking part. Because of the way the system works it’s quite easy, especially for beginners, to be a part of and many lotteries of all countries now use the e-Lottery. If you were once skeptical about the e-Lottery wouldn’t it be nice to see that it can actually help you to win some money!