How to Help a Loved One With a Gambling Problem Stop Gambling and Control the Addiction

Do you love someone who seems to be out of control with a gambling problem? Maybe it is a subtle presence in his or her life that is having a negative effect, though on the surface, things seem fine. It may appear that he or she is not trying to deal with the addiction, may not even admit that it is an addiction, and may be in severe denial.

The loved one may talk to you about how gambling is just a game of luck and nothing more. You may hear that he or she is simply playing the race card and has nothing to really personalize the outcome. The loved one may run the race quite a few times and win quite a bit of money. However, you know that the person is simply trying tousterityffer you one hundred dollars to make the races more exciting. This may seem harmless fun to the people, but it is far from harmless.

In some cases, the loved one’s profession is the reason for the jayapoker addiction. Many professional athletes fall into this category. An addiction to gambling can develop into an addiction to gambling when an individual consistently plays the tote. Again, this can cause immense harm to the individual and to his or her family. The individual may be honorable enough to know that gambling is not a clean profession, yet his or her need for the rush of gambling is so great that he or she may not be able to resist the temptation.

The need for such a rush may be so great that the gambler may actually gamble his life away to get the fix. This is an especially devastating result when the loved one is very young and still developing. The young family member’s dependence on the love and attention of the gambler may exceed his or her own age and responsibility.

There are many reasons that someone may become a gambler. Perhaps the main reason is that of being bored. Being bored can cause gamblers to gamble their Clayton home life away. Rather than doing the school work or spending extra time with friends and family, the gambler in fact may gamble his or her life away. Sometimes a gambler will really go away to gamble. It’s best to let a gambler go on ahead and if he or she returns there is help available. Everyone can use a little bit of attention getting.

Gambling can also cause a gambler to mix alcohol into his or her Clayton home life. Again, the addictions of such things is so immense that the family is at risk. If the young adult within the family begins to drink heavily, there is a risk that they will also begin to gamble heavily as well. Some boys and men can rationalize away their gambling debts by saying that it was a one off bet and not designed to try to make money. It’s best just to keep a tab on such activities to prevent Berkovic or other gamblers from spending more of family funds.

The danger of gambling Birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates occur far too often, far too freely for gamblers. Most holidays will be spent gambling. There is a danger that something important will distract from their gambling.

There is a danger of gambling, too, that falling into addiction can be quickly fatal. Just as the gambler needs to consider the risk before he or she makes a bet, the family needs to put a stop to the gambling. Mortality rules state that as the gambler continues to gamble, there is a greater probability of him or her spending not only the money that they have earned but also their personal asset as well. Therefore it is advisable to bet exclusively on low risk stakes or to quit gambling altogether.

The gambler needs, quite literally, to get help to stop gambling. He or she is unlikely to succeed and self harm is a more likely outcome. In these circumstances it is best to contact help services and educate yourself before seeking any sort of help.