Know What a Point Spread is and How to Bet the Point Spread

Most people bet the point spread without really understanding what a point spread is or how to bet the point spread.  The easiest way to explain a point spread is to say that it is similar to buying more and more insurance on a certain market.  The one place you will find a lot of people betting is at the sportsbook.  The main reason they do so is they think the outcome will be decided by a spread.

But buying more and more insurance is probably not the best way to bet the point spread.  Lets say you buy one point spreading cover on the Patriots or Packers.  Did you know that if you bet the spread at the sportsbook you would have to bet 37 times your original wager to win the wager.  So you needed to bet 2, deducted out from your original wager.

Sports spread betting is the only way to bet the point spread.  You simply bet more money when you have the advantage and bet less money when you do not.

Point spread betting is only available in the season between the NFL regular season and the Super Bowl.  During the regular season, point spread betting is only available between the AFC and NFC East.  The reason you can only bet within the division is that the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers are always at each other’s mercy.

Usually, bettors will bet the point spread in the same fashion.  Let’s say the Patriots are playing the Colts.  It is one of those huge breakthroughs where the proven power team is evenly matched with the surprising underdog.  Colts bettors will bet the spread as they are confident that they will win by Result Hk Malam Ini.

Patriots vs. Colts point spread.

And guess what?  Colts win the game by 3 points.  your $100 on the Patriots was paid $200.  your $100 bet on the Colts was returned $300.  you lost $100.

The principle is simple.  The more you bet the more you win.  The more you bet against the spread the more you will lose.  It is as simple as that.

Cutler Flushes Draws interception

Cutler’s performance was Daniels’s Heisman moments.  While Manning and company were on a incredible roll, Daniels was starting to show his age.  At this point, injuries and mental tiredness started to gain a toll.  Daniels played well later in the season, going 3-2 with a 1.86 ERA, but everyone still cannot shut the door on him.

While I am not sure if the injuries or changing weather conditions played a role in Daniels’ apparent decline, I think it was just sheer age.  Daniels’ biggest challenge would have been to hold off Davidrow, who has the much bigger upside.

age – 28

24 / active: 23 / active

37 / active: 25 / active

60 / active: 23 / active

80 / active: 28 / active

90 / active: 27 / active

Also, look to see how many games Daniels has started.  The number zero is not that uncommon.  Daniels has not started in 19 of 28 games, or about 11 percent of his total games.

So there it is.  Get the picture?